Watch Jack’s performance of “Matrimonial Inclinations” from The American Epic Sessions here.

Produced by Jack & T Bone Burnett, the official American Epic soundtrack album featuring “Matrimonial Inclinations” and all the performances from the Sessions film, along with additional recordings not seen in the film, is out now on vinyl from Third Man Records and CD/Digital via Columbia Records . For more information on all the music from American Epic including the historical releases, visit americanepicmusic.com.

The American Epic Sessions

Watch The American Epic Sessions featuring and executive produced by Jack White now in the US via PBS.org. The Sessions film airs this Friday, June 9th on BBC Four in the UK.

For those outside the US & UK, see a clip of Willie Nelson and Merle Haggard recording the new song “The Only Man Wilder Than Me” from the American Epic Sessions below and stay tuned for details on future international broadcasts.

The American Epic Sessions soundtrack album is out this Friday, June 9th (CD/Digital). Third Man Records will release the Sessions soundtrack and more on vinyl on June 16th. Purchase all of the music from American Epic now at AmericanEpicMusic.com.

“Two Fingers of Whiskey” From The American Epic Sessions + American Epic Episode 3

During the American Epic Sessions, Elton John and Bernie Taupin composed a brand new original song on camera. Afterwords, Elton invited Jack to accompany him as they recorded the new song. Watch “Two Fingers of Whiskey” from the American Epic Sessions below. Catch the Sessions film on PBS in the US on June 6th and on BBC Four in the UK on June 9th. Find out more and purchase the music from American Epic at americanepicmusic.com

Fans in the US, if you missed part three of American Epic you can stream the entire episode below as well. Part three airs in the UK this Sunday, June 4th on BBC Four.