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Warstic has teamed up with three creative agencies, OneFastBuffalo, Farm League, and Firethief, for a remarkable new promotional film showcasing their designer Pro Grade wood and high performance metal baseball bats, including the trendsetting Warhawk one-piece wood-balanced aluminum bat. WAR CRY: THE BATTLE OF THE HAWK AND THE RAVEN co-stars Detroit Tigers four-time MLB All-Star second baseman and Warstic co-owner Ian Kinsler alongside Warstic co-owner Jack White and Anthony “Thosh” Collins of The Native Wellness Institute, as well as narration by Ian Kinsler’s father, Howard Kinsler.


WAR CRY: THE BATTLE OF THE HAWK AND THE RAVEN is soundtracked by the Official Warstic Anthem, “Battle Cry,” written, produced, and performed by Jack White. The song is available digitally worldwide today to stream and download. Third Man Records will also release a limited edition, one-sided, gold colored vinyl 7” of the powerful anthem available exclusively at Third Man’s Nashville and Detroit storefronts and select independent record stores as part of their contributions to Record Store Day 2017 on Saturday, April 22nd.

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In addition to Warstic’s ongoing efforts to support the Well for Culture Program within The Native Wellness Institute, Third Man Records will donate a portion of all proceeds generated by the “Battle Cry” record to this Native American charity. The Well for Culture Program promotes the well-being of Native Americans through youth and adult programs and training that embraces the teachings and traditions of Native ancestors.

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Third Man and Warstic would encourage people to also donate to this wonderful institution, if they are so inclined.


WAR CRY: THE BATTLE OF THE HAWK AND THE RAVEN will have its exclusive world premiere Saturday, April 8th, at Detroit’s Comerica Park as part of the Detroit Tigers’ home opening weekend series against the Boston Red Sox. “Battle Cry” will also be featured as Ian Kinsler’s walk-up music.

WAR CRY: THE BATTLE OF THE HAWK AND THE RAVEN was created by Warstic founder Ben Jenkins, a designer, entrepreneur, former professional baseball player, and founder/creative director of the Dallas-based Brand Strategy and Design firm, ONEFASTBUFFALO. The film is co-directed by award-winning filmmaker Sterlin Harjo and Tim Lynch, co-founder of the Venice, CA-based film company FARM LEAGUE.

WAR CRY: THE BATTLE OF THE HAWK AND THE RAVEN stars Ian Kinsler as “The Hitter,” a professional ball player who battles to get his mind right in the locker room before a big game. The crowd noise awaiting him builds. We see inside the psyche of The Hitter where “The Raven,” a shadowy trickster spirit portrayed by Jack White, taunts him. The Raven instills thoughts of fear and doubt in The Hitter, clouding his mind. The Hitter focuses on past struggles in a training session where he can’t get his mechanics synced up. The Raven escalates the magnitude and intensity of the upcoming fight through fear and the use of fire, further obscuring the warriors’ fate. Meanwhile, “The Hawk,” a Southeast Woodlands Native Hunter played by Native American artist/activist Anthony “Thosh” Collins, sets out from his camp in search of The Hitter’s belief, bringing him perspective and clarity as he readies himself for battle. The Hitter chooses his weapon and begins the long journey through a dark tunnel into the stadium. There, he and his Hunter spirit guide calmly draw their weapons, bat and bow, and fully focus on their mark. His mission to transform The Hitter from hunted to hunter now accomplished; The Raven departs as The Hitter unleashes a furious battle cry.

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“We wanted to take a very human, albeit epic and almost mythical look at the real inner struggle hitters go though in a game where failure is so prevalent,” says Jenkins. “The goal with Warstic players is to be fully mentally engaged and calm in order to let their training come through naturally. We want to express the idea that a real warrior with a hunter’s mindset doesn’t concern himself with the results as much as he makes sure he is doing all he can to be present, ready, and focused. He attacks. And, oh yeah, the bat looks badass as well.”

Anthony “Thosh” Collins is a photographer and board member with the Native Wellness Institute (NWI). He is co-founder of NWI’s Well For Culture health initiative, an alliance of like-minded Indigenous people from many Nations who strive to lead healthy lifestyles and encourage wellness among the Native American community. Collins’ remarkable work with NWI and Well For Culture drew the attention of Warstic founder Jenkins, who credits time spent on Indian reservations with Collins and other native artists early in his career as partial seed inspiration for the idea behind Warstic’s mentality. Supporting the Native Wellness Institute and Thosh is an effort to give back to a greater cause for that inspiration.

Third Man Records founder and Warstic co-owner Jack White is a 12-time GRAMMY® Award-winner and 35-time nominee. White’s love of design and baseball brings him to the Warstic creative world. His myriad of accomplishments and ongoing support for the art and craft of recorded music were honored earlier this year at The Recording Academy® Producers & Engineers Wing® 10th Annual GRAMMY® Week celebration, placing him amongst a truly impressive list of past P&E honorees.

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